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My Story: How I Got into Affiliate Marketing

From January 1, 2010 to September 23, 2011, I earned $84,358.24 in affiliate marketing. Now why that's certainly not a fortune, what makes it great is that it was mostly pure profit because I did it using free techniques Ė the very ones Iím going to share with you here.

It certainly helps to pad those dry spells all freelance writers have. Now, I donít even worry when things get slow for my writing firm.

Why I Wrote This E-Guide: Who It Can Help

I decided to write this e-guide because I got into affiliate marketing Ė for good Ė in late 2008. Iíd dibbled and dabbled before, but never made any real money at it and quite frankly, Iím not surprised.

I was like a lot of new affiliate marketers Ė frustrated at not making money online; especially when I kept reading story after story after story of some guy who started last month and was making $10,000 per month.

I was like, ďIf I could make a third of that, Iíd be happy!Ē

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So, this information if for anyone who doubts that you can make money online in affiliate marketing. Iím here to tell you that you can! And, Iím still a novice, but I earn a consistent four figures per month doing it. In fact, Iíve made my living completely online since 2007 and part of it is due to my affiliate earnings.

Affiliate Marketing Training

The second group this ebook is for is those who already believe you can make money in affiliate marketing, but havenít quite discovered a winning formula yet.

Maybe by seeing some of the tactics I employ Ė and my rationale behind them Ė you can put together a successful marketing strategy that will make your affiliate earnings grow and become consistent.

It took me a while, but mine now are. Now, Iím trying to get to the next level, eg, break five figures per month.

Learn Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way!

Here I discuss all of the FREE methods I still use to this day Ė when I could well afford to spend money on things like PPC (pay per click) ads. While I may go this route one day, right now, Iím comfortable.

My affiliate marketing income is rising and Iím investing time in building my affiliate marketing businessís infrastructure (ie, subscriber list, putting out new products), so have no urgent need to invest time in learning the intricacies of paid methods like PPC (where you can lose your shirt if you donít know what youíre doing).

Get Serious or Get Out of the Game

You see, you have to treat affiliate marketing like a real business (which is what it is) to succeed. Once I started doing this, I started making good money ó consistently.

The Most Money Iíve Earned in One Day as an Affiliate Marketer

The most Iíve ever earned in one day is $900. And while thatís nowhere near what the big-shot affiliate marketers earn (many earn tens of thousands of dollars per day), I consistently earn $100-$150/day, which is enough to allow many to quit their full-time jobs.

I have occasional $200, $300 and $500+ days. These are becoming more frequent. While theyíre not as frequent as Iíd like, its proof enough to make me realize that ďYeah, sooner rather than later, Iím gonna get to the four-figure PER DAY mark.Ē

Yes, You Really Can Make a Full-Time Living as an Affiliate Marketer

Once I started experiencing success in affiliate marketing, it became ďrealĒ for me; like:

Wow! I can really make a living doing this!

Once I saw how successful I was promoting my sisterís ebook on backpage, I started placing ads for my own ebooks and e-classes. I started to sell more. Then I started promoting other products and services on backpage, via article marketing, on my blog/website, etc.

I have to admit, I went kinda crazy trying out new products to promote. In short, I was ďaffiliate program hoppingĒ Ė and started to dilute my sales.

After a while, I settled into affiliate marketing seriously, honing in on a few products Ė ones I use consistently Ė that I promote regularly, along with my ebooks, of course.

And as Iíve said, Iíve been able to earn a consistent $100-$150/day doing so.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Topics Covered Within

Following are the FREE promotional methods Iíve used Ė and continue to use Ė to successfully sell a myriad of products and services online Ė my own and those of others.

Some of the things discussed include:

Why affiliate marketing is exploding as an online business;

How to set up a free affiliate website/blog;

How to avoid the hype and still sell the product;

The benefits of selling what you DONíT Like about a product/service;

Why building a subscriber list is critical to your success

How to build and manage a subscriber list for free;

Why promoting higher and lower-priced items can earn you more money in affiliate marketing;

Why to market within a niche;

The one site I use a lot that brings me consistent sales;

Two benefits of creating your own product/service to sell;

How I sold $1,038.70 worth of ebooks in 2.5 days; and

And a whole lot more!

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