This ebook is no longer for sale. Why?

In October/November of 2017, Backpage changed its site policies. Now, you need to enter a phone number and/or link to a social media acount to post ads. This wouldn't have been bad EXCEPT for the fact that you have to, for example, enter a phone number, then wait for a confirmation code to come through to that phone number for every ad you post, then enter that confirmation code. Because of this, you can no longer post a lot of ads quickly, which was the real benefit of backpage.

I'm leaving this site up for those who run across this very popular ebook so that you'll know what's going on. It was a good run. I made tens of thosuands of dollars placing ads on backpage over the years, but now, I no longer use the site.

I've Earned as Much as $900 in ONE DAY Promoting Products Using Free Classified Ads Site Like Backpage -- You Can Too!

How would you like to consistently earn $50-$150/day promoting affiliate products (or products of your own)? And the best part -- spend only two to three hours per day doing it. I do and I'll tell you exactly how so that you can easily duplicate my success.

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I decided to write this e-book because I've been using the free classified ads site,, since January (2009). I started using it to sell one affiliate product. Sales were so brisk that I then started to use it to sell my own e-products.

Fast forward to 2017: I've sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of e-products -- my own and others -- using the free classified ad site backpage. Learn more about me, my businesses and how to get in touch here.

Note: You can use the formula I outline here to advertise all types of products and services on any free classified ads site (eg, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.) to make money online -- fast! I just happen to be comfortable with backpage, so it's become my "go-to" site to place free classified ads for the products I promote.

Start Making Money Online Easily!

Are you new to affiliate marketing? I was too when I started -- very new. Learn more about me below in the "About the Publisher" link at the very bottom of the page. Other than placing a few occasional ads on Craigslist, I'd never promoted products via free classified ads sites.

The only reason I decided to start doing it regularly is because I was starting to market affiliate products. Since I didn't want to go the paid route (eg, "pay per click ads") until I had more experience with affiliate marketing, I was looking for free outlets to hone my skills.

Craigslist vs. Backpage

I stopped using Craigslist because the site has too many restrictions and you get flagged for too many things. As a newbie to affiliate marketing, I just didn't have time to worry about if my ad was going to be placed or not, or if I was going to get banned for violating some rule I didn't even know about.

I still used a few other sites, eg,, but fell in love with backpage because the site was easy to use, the ads were placed quickly and as long as you adhered to their easy-to-understand guidelines, you didn't have to worry about getting banned or having your ad removed.

$900 in Affiliate Sales -- In One Day!

Immediately upon placing ads on backpage in 2009 for my first affiliate product, I started seeing sales. One day, I earned $900! Some days it can be $30, $40 or $50, other days it can be $100 or more. It all depends on how many ads I place and what I'm promoting.

NEVER Work for Someone Else Again

In addition to being an internet marketer, I'm also a freelance writer and self-published author. I developed several income streams on purpose. Why? Because my goal is to NEVER work for someone else again. I've been freelancing since 1993; full-time since 2007 -- almost a decade now.

Income diversity ensures my freedom. How? For example, if I run into a dry spell with freelance writing or I don't feel like writing a new book, I place ads for the titles I've already published, or an affiliate product I think is hot. You see, placing free ads online is a great way to supplement an existing income, or build a whole new online business around.


Hi Yuwanda,

I just wanted to let you know that this is some of the best information I've purchased in a long time. I've started using some of the Backpage techniques and have already started seeing better results than with many of my previous marketing methods.

Thanks Again,

Proof of Earnings from 2009-2017.

Following are snapshots from my PayPal account of actual earnings -- one from 2009:

One from 2010 ...

One from 2011 ...

One from 2012 ...

One from 2013 ...

One from 2014 ...

One from 2016 ...

And One from 2017 ...

While I'm not earning a fortune, supplements my other income streams nicely. Again, you can make a full-time business out of placing free ads online if you want. Remember, I earned $900 in one day once! And I've had many $200, $300 and $400 days. A half or even a third of that is more than most ever dream of earning in a day, or what you can earn on a minimum wage job.

At first, I started out placing just a few ads -- like maybe 5-10 per day -- for one affiliate product I was promoting. Then, I started consistently placing on average of 20-25 per day for each product I promote (at any given time, I'm promoting at least three or four different products; sometimes more).


I receive questions like this all the time from wannabe internet marketers, as well as others, eg:

Has BackPage changed its rules and now are as strict as Craigslist? Any advice you would offer will be much appreciated.

My Answer

Yes, some rule changes have taken place; for example, not being able to use shortened links like,,,, etc. in your ads (I tell you how to get around this). Outside of minor stuff like this, backpage is still the same, easy-to-use site as when I first started placing ads on it.

In fact, it's one of the most effective sites for promoting affiliate products. BUT, as always, your success in affiliate marketing depends on a lot of factors -- your product/service, your sales copy, the competition, your price, how frequently you post, etc.

I've promoted some duds -- and some winners. It's all about experimenting -- that's with internet marketing in general by the way.

The reason I continue to believe in promoting products and services on free classified ad sites is because of the sheer number of eyeballs (ie, traffic) that these sites generate. With the right offer, it can be like shooting fish in a barrel to get sales. But again, THAT can be the hard part (finding the right offer, with the right sales copy, with the right price).


Dear Yuwanda,

You might remember you sold me a copy of your ebook about making money on . . . a few months ago. I just wanted to update you on what I've done and perhaps offer a testimonial.

The truth is, I initially started testing out various affiliate products and marketing them via Backpage, as it suggests in your ebook. But I went off at a tangent and started marketing musical services . . . since I am a musician myself.

Within days of marketing these services on, I ended up getting plenty of enquiries, much to my surprise. Over the past few months I've steadily made money like this, and am very happy, and have branched out to marketing on various other free classified sites and discussion forums.

None of that would've been possible if I hadn't read your ebook.

Although your ebook was about marketing affiliate products, I actually used the concepts in your book to market services and got so much response that I didn't bother with marketing any affiliate products. When I get a bit more time, I'd like to test out some more affiliate products to market on Backpage….but the concepts in your ebook work for marketing services as a middleman too.

So thanks to you, I've made money online, despite doing things slightly differently to what your ebook was about . . . it got me thinking in the right direction anyway and I wouldn't have known about things like etc if it wasn't for your ebook.


How I Place Ads

I want to point out that when I first started out, I did not use software (eg, backpage auto posting software) to place ads. I placed all of my ads manually. It took me about 20 minutes to place between 20-25 ads.

All of The Techniques I Discuss are 100% FREE -- There are NO Paid Ones

FYI, all of the information in this e-book is about free ad placement techniques; no "pay for placement," or any other method that's going to cost you money is discussed. This means you can start making money -- without having to spend any money.

You Can Literally Start TODAY with $0!

I'm notoriously cheap (I prefer the word "frugal") when it comes to spending money on business. This is because I've been a freelance writer for years. Living a feast-or-famine existence forces you to be really judicious in how you spend money. Why am I telling you this?

I like to look for opportunities to earn money that cost little to nothing, especially to start. Although these days I can well afford to spend money to make money, I still find myself sticking to simple, easy, free and low-cost ways to do so. I guess some habits are hard to break.

Why Most People Never Make Money Online

Most people never make money online because they try to make the big bucks. They respond to ads that scream, Make $15,000 in 30 days!!; or Work 2 Hrs/Day and Make $1,000!!! and Make $5,000 in the Next 7 Days -- Guaranteed!!.

Making money online just doesn't work like that. I know. I've been a freelance writer since 1993 (and have written sales copy for many online marketers); write and publish my own e-books and e-classes (since 2002); and promote products via affiliate marketing (since 2008).

Live Life On Your Own Terms: My "Office" in Negril, Jamaica

In other words, I believe in earning small amounts of money from different sources. At the end of the month, it all adds up to a very good income, allowing me to live life on my own terms.

For example, in May 2010, I moved to Negril, Jamaica semi-permanently. I've always wanted to live in a foreign country and promoting affiliate products and my own products via sites like backpage allow me to live out my dreams.

I go home to the states for a few months, then come back to Jamaica for a few months -- all at the drop of a hat.

I work in my pajamas most of the time -- no matter which location I'm in. I work 7-9 hours a day most days by choice (except weekends). Hey, I love what I do!

The shot below is from the balcony of Catcha Falling Star, a lovely boutique hotel overlooking the ocean I stayed at once before I got my apartment in Jamaica. Not bad for an "office view", no?

Note: In 2014, I made the move to Jamaica permanent -- at least for the next few years. I have an apartment with a balcony, which has a 270-degree view of the ocean.

A Recession-Proof Income

One of the reasons I like promoting products on free classified ads sites like is that it gives me a recession-proof income. I already have it as a freelance writer but one day, I want the option of retirement. Having a residual income from promoting affiliate products on free classified ads sites gets me closer to that goal.

The Perfect Work-from-Home Full-Time or Part-Time Job

If you're looking for a way to work from home, promoting products on free classified ads sites like is ideal. Again, it doesn't cost anything to get started. You simply choose products you want to market (I tell you where to find products that sell well online), follow the advice outlined in this ebook, and start posting ads.

If you have a full-time job, you can still start making money on backpage by posting ads before you go to work, on your lunch break at work, or in the evenings when you get home from work.

Why This Ebook Can Help You Make Money Online Just by Placing Free Ads

Free classified ad sites are extremely popular and make tons of money. I'm sure you've heard of sites like, (owned by eBay) and They get millions of visitors per month. And as they are mostly free for marketers, they become the go-to sites of choice for many.

In short, they are a marketer's dream. Following are some statistics to show you just how popular they are:

Classified advertising at some of the larger newspaper chains has dropped 14% to 20% in 2007 while traffic to classified sites [like] has grown 23%. {Source:}

Some Things about Backpage You May Not Know about Placing Free Ads on Backpage

Backpage has distribution partnerships with several newspapers. This provides options for you to have your ad appear on newspaper websites. Net Possible Result: Higher quality traffic, and less spam/scam responses to your ad.

Backpage still allows HTML in its postings, unlike Craigslist, which banned the use of most HTML in 2013. Some estimates that this lost the site as much as 30% of its traffic; many of them fleeing to backpage (and other free classified ad sites).

Backpage isn't as strict as Craigslist, which puts severe limits on the number of ads you can post in any given day. It's still easy to post tons of ads on backpage on a daily basis.

Online Classified Ad Usage Growing Steadily: In September 2007, only 32% of online adults had used a classified ads website such as Craigslist; by April 2009, this number jumped to almost half (49%). As of May 2010, 53% of all online adults use online classifieds.

On any given day about a tenth of internet users visit online classified sites, up from 4% in 2005.

The above are the main findings of an April 2009 & December 2010 survey by the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project survey. continues to grow in traffic each year and now boasts well over 100 million visitors -- per month! Proof?

Why Internet Marketers Love

Affiliates, internet marketers and webmasters love the site because unlike Craigslist and some other free online classified ad sites, backpage allows you to place photos and hyperlinks in your ads. And, you can even place your ads in as many cities as you wish. This is particularly important when you're gunning to make a certain dollar amount per day/month.

One more thing: This ebook helps internet marketers SELL MORE when using backpage; hence, it's a valuable tool for them.

Now that you know why free classified ad sites like backpage are so popular and why this ebook can help you sell more, let's take a look at what you'll find within.

Following Is a Complete Table of Contents Of This Ebook: This way, you'll know exactly what you're getting.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #1: WHICH TYPE OF "ADS" TO PLACE (Page 6). Most online marketers don't make any money (that's right, none!) because they're too busy placing ads. I don't place ads. I use something that works much better. I discuss what it is, the psychology behind it, how to write effective ones and show actual samples.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #2: WRITE EFFECTIVE HEADLINES (Page 8). Your ad's headline will determine if it gets clicked on or not. No matter how great your article ad is, if it doesn't get read, it can't be effective. I'm a professional copywriter by trade. I outline 4 elements I use for writing successful headlines for my backpage ads that you can use too! Samples are provided as well.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #3: CREATE A BLOG OR SIMPLE WEBSITE (Page 13). I explain why this method is so effective for selling more. I also lay out some guidelines for whether or not to create a website or blog, and how to make money from Google AdSense if you decide to go this route.

I have one blog that earns me a consistent $150-$200 per month in Google AdSense income; this is in addition to product sales. And, it's all passive income derived from the ads I place for an affiliate product. I'll show you how to do the same.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #4: USE THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY (Page 16). Here I explain the rationale behind multiple category posting, when to do it and perhaps more importantly, when not to do it.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #5: THE USE OF GRAPHICS (Page 18). Here we discuss why graphics are extremely important in online marketing and I give a list of about 30 sites where you can find free, professional-quality, stock photos to use. This way, you'll always know where to go to get graphics for your ads.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #6: TIMING YOUR AD PLACEMENTS (Page 20). Did you know that the time of day you place your ad can affect sales? In this section we discuss why this may be true, and some best times to post.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #7: HOW OFTEN TO PLACE (Page 21). Just as when you place your ads can affect sales, so can your posting frequency. I tell you how often I place -- and why.

TWO MORE BONUS TIPS (Page 22): One extremely effective method I discuss is one I use to advertise my web writing company, New Media Words ( This one method has literally brought me thousands of dollars in sales and repeat, high-end customers. The second tip is one I use in practically all of the ads I write to promote my products. It's one that can literally double your sales almost instantly; especially if you do it consistently.

HOW TO CHOOSE A PRODUCT/SERVICE TO PROMOTE ON BACKPAGE (Page 24). This ebook is about how to increase sales from a product or service you may already be promoting on backpage or other free classified ad sites. But, just in case you're not promoting anything, I outline 5 tips for how to go about selecting profitable products and services to start marketing.

INFO YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BACKPAGE POSTING SOFTWARE (Page 27): There is software out there that can post ads for you. BUT, you must be careful. I detail my experiences with two popular ones -- and why I don't recommend use any backpage auto posting software now. I place ads manually (50-60 per hour), and show you the exact system I use to do the same.

ACTUAL QUESTIONS FROM BUYERS (Page 29): Questions that readers have sent in that I answer.

URLS TO TOP 50 "BIZ OPPS" CITIES SECTIONS ON BACKPAGE (Page 40): Business Opportunities (ie, "Biz Opps") is one of the most popular categories on backpage. Instead of hunting down these links yourself, I've provided them here for you. All you have to do is click and start posting!

Length: 48 pages of detailed, first-hand info -- that works!

A Note about Affiliate Marketing: A lot of success in affiliate marketing depends on the product or service you're promoting. No matter which techniques you use, if the market is too small for a particular product/service, or the product/service is no good, then you're not going to make sales.

So keep this in mind when deciding on which affiliate products to get behind. FYI, I divulge three of my best-selling products in this ebook.

Do you want a real, honest way to make some decent money online?

You can't miss with this opportunity. If you follow the simple advice in this ebook, you can literally start making money the FIRST day -- really!

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